​​​​​​   PATCHING

​​​​​If you have a crack in your concrete our asphalt we can fill it in with hot rubber crack fill. Fill in your cracks before they get worse when water can get under the asphalt and freeze causing more cracks.

We can do small concrete work  drains, side walks our driveways we can even rebuild your catch basins and drains.



​​​​​​​After we pave a driveways our  parking lots we allways recommend haveing your new pavement sealcoating it helps to harden  the asphalt and make it last longer. we can handle all your sealing needs.


if you have a pariking lot form big to smll we can handle what ever you need from handy cap sings to arrow no parking fire lane and more.

 Dose your drive way our parking lot have cracks our is there  pot holes forming,  it is because of ground freezing and shifting in the northern states there is nothing you can do to stop it but with proper maintenance you can extended the life of your asphalt by  filling in cracks with hot rubber crack fill our if you start to have a hole you will want to cut out the area and redo it.  You will also want to seal coat your asphalt at lest one time. Seal coat is meant to seal all the pours in the asphalt to stop gas and oil leaks from penetrating  onto that asphalt and softening it, Asphalt is a oil based material and if and gas our oil get seep into the asphalt you will have no other chose but to cut it out. If you hold to these tips your driveway our parking lot can last over 35 years


We at Baker Asphalt, inc  are fully licensed and insured, with over 50 years of experience in the Asphalt field We can salve all of  your Maintenance needs you mite have,  We will work with you to give you the best possible price. We do a wide range of asphalt paving and  maintenance work. We offer Asphalt patching, pot hole filling, resurfacing, seal coating, concrete and drain work.  Give us a call for a  estimate, at Baker Asphalt, INC we strive to serve are customers with the utmost  importance and respect.

​​​​​​We can Paving Drive ways, Parking lots small roads our call us to see what more we can pave for you.

​Proper Maintenance​


​​​​​​      CONCRETE

​​​​​​We do all kinds of patch work we can remove the old asphalt and replace it with new asphalt our we can resurface it by just putting another layer over the old asphalt.

Joint sealing and Crack Filling